Useful info about Vilnius TV tower – how to get there?

These notes are from my visit to Vilnius TV tower in July 2020. Knowing all that would have saved about half an hour of time from figuring all that out before my first visit to TV tower. I hope that this helps you to plan your first visit.

Why visit Vilnius TV tower?

  • Views
  • Reasonably priced restaurant
  • Get your souvenirs
  • Museum of events in 1991
  • Did I mention views? Or taking selfies up there?
  • Antenna outdoor exhibition

How to get there?

Vilnius TV tower is shown in Google maps and apps with Lithuanian name, "Vilniaus TV bokštas".

It is located in Karoliniškes district, in west part of Vilnius.

TV tower is roughly 10 kilometers or 6.2 miles away from Vilnius Old Town's center.

Instead of walking there it's better to use public transportation or get a taxi from BOLT taxi app.

Planning to get a taxi off street in Vilnius? Agree on price before getting in.

How to get to Vilnius TV tower?

How to get there from Vilnius bus station, from stop "Stotis"? By bus #54.

Bus #49 helps to get to the tower from Panorama shopping center.

How to get there by buses or trolleybuses?

Several buses and trolley buses help to get there.

With Google Maps or TRAFI mobile app find a bus to bus stop "Televizijos bokštas".

From bus stop it's easy 7-8 minute walk to the tower.

I listed lines that stop by TV tower. Then added comments to lines that connect main station stop and Panorama shopping center.


  • 13
  • 16 - connects with bus and train station stop "Stotis"
  • 18


  • 7
  • 49 - connects with Panorama shopping center, stop "Panorama"
  • 54 - connects with bus and train station stop "Stotis"
  • 55
  • 59
  • 69
  • 116

Tip: Buy 1 or 3-day public transportation ticket from any Narvesen kiosk.

The path from bus stop to the tower is well marked with several signs. It takes you through residential area with soviet era apartment buildings. And what is it like to visit the tower?


Getting there by taxi

Ordering a taxi from BOLT app costs 4-6€ from city center or Old Town. During high demand hours prices are bit higher.

Hours of operation

Currently, in 2020 July, tower is open from 11 AM to 11 PM.

Up-to-date info can be found on TV tower's website

Vilnius TV tower ticket price?

Currently single adult ticket costs 8€ from Monday to Thursday and 11€ from Friday to Sunday.

Tickets for students (ISIC card) cost 7€.

Up-to date info can be found on TV tower's website

What to know before heading up?

  • Large bags are not allowed up. Bags can be left to locker near ticket office.
  • Ticket with bar code is also needed to leave TV tower so keep the ticket.
  • Ears may pop in the elevator 🙂

What to do at TV tower without going up?

There are things to do without going up too. And even better, without ticket.

  • Memorial museum is accessible without buying a ticket. It is located past lockers and elevators going up.
  • Outside the tower is an communications antennae exhibition - historical antennae park with... you guessed it, antennas and satellite dishes. Fortunately with descriptions in English.
  • By ticket booth are Lithuanian souvenirs for sale. Planning to get some things to remember your visit? Use the opportunity.

Up-to-date info can be found on TV tower's website

What to know when going up?

  • TV tower's revolving part makes a full turn in 45 minutes. But one can walk around the tower in a minute and see everything quickly.
  • Restaurant and bar up there have average Vilnius old town prices.
  • Plan maybe 20-30 minutes just to see the view...
  • ... or over an hour to enjoy view with drinks or a meal. View makes it worth it.
  • Last but not least, yes, there are toilets up there.

What to do after TV tower?

Depends on your schedule. As one idea, shopping center Panorama is on the way back to city center.

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