Sunset visit to Panorama Riga observation deck

When is the best time to visit that legendary observation point? Well, whenever you’re in Riga! And when you are free to make your own schedule – choose time that is not mid-day due to harsh mid-day sun... Early in morning or as late as possible is best.

The observation deck is open from 9 in the morning till 22 in the evening.

I aimed to visit this viewpoint late in the evening, returning from Akropole Center. Akropole had taken more time than expected – none the less I was at Academy of Sciences building by 21.10. That left 50 minutes for photography – sweeet!

See working hours and current prices at official website

How to get up there?

Getting up there was very straightforward. There’s a reception right near the main door.

How much did it cost?

After I had paid 5€ the receptionist pointed to few papers in front of him. The papers described in English how to get up there. Take elevator to 15th floor and walk 2 stories up. Got it.

Then I heard a man calling by the elevator in English, „Come!” I replied in English and after a few sentences it turned out he’s another Estonian! As they say, there’s an Estonian at every port in the world. In this case I could simply replace „port” with „ elevator”.

He was middle aged, friendly and with a hangover. At the point where most sentences make sense but the person isn’t entirely there. Sooner than you had read this paragraph, we were on 15th floor.

From there it was really easy and obvious to follow the signs to walk two stories up.

And the view from 17th floor to Riga – simply amazing!

The viewing platform goes all around the building. Given the time of day and the position it was just perfect. Almost mid-summer, a few hours from midnight, moon visible and sun low, it was almost a dream for visual mind.

On one side I had perfect view to the Riga TV tower and bridge leading to the island it was at. Opposite of it was perfect view to the sunset.

The „friend” I had taken the elevator with was soon talking to German backpackers – in German! He proved to them that even in this state he can talk Estonian, German, Latvian and Russian.

Seeing that it was already 22.10 I left the building. I walked two stories down and took the elevator to the first floor. The receptionist with his friend were chatting happily.

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