Things to do in and outside Kutaisi city, Georgia

Have you been to Kutaisi? It is third largest city in Georgia and also one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. It is also one Georgian city with increasingly good flight connections to Europe.

What to do in Kutaisi?

Are you planning a trip to Georgia via Kutaisi? Many people who are visiting Georgia are not planning to spend much time there, as they're going to Tbilisi instead. They are missing out. Kutaisi is worth staying a few days.


Get Kutaisi map from Tourist information center

Kutaisi tourist information center is located in the very center of city near Rioni river bank.

Besides Kutaisi maps they also offer luggage storage and printing services.


Kutaisi free walking tour

Free walking tour in Kutaisi is great way to see the main sights in a few hours. I'm a fan of walking tours and Kutaisi's tour was so worth it to me as a first time visitor to understand the area.


Bagrati Cathedral

This iconic 11th century cathedral lies on top of a hill, on the left side of Rioni river. This is #1 attraction in Kutaisi. How to get there? It's 10-minute walk from Kutaisi tourist information point. Be prepared to get up many stairs.


Tea and pancakes at Tea House Foe-Foe

Tea house is located in the middle of Kutaisi. Tea is good and all but their pancakes with fruit jam were real show stopper. This is also a perfect spot to work on a laptop.


The best kebab in Kutaisi

What does a local's favourite kebab place look like? You'll know when you have visited Bikentia's kebabery!


Ride Kutaisi cable car over Rioni

Kutaisi's cable car or aerial tramway is one of must-do things in Kutaisi. It's a lot of fun and Soviet nostalgia in a short ride.


Discover Besik Gabashvili Park

Kutaisi's cable car upper station is right by Besik Gabashvili theme park. Have you ever visited a Soviet era amusement park?

Then most attractions will certainly be familiar to you. Different rides are located between tall trees and shade from these makes it pleasant place to be even on hot days.

Tip, ride ferriss wheel for stunning views!


Figure out Kutaisi's marhsrutkas

Getting around by public transportation can help to save a lot of money. In Kutaisi marshrutka fare is 50 tetri or 0.5 lari. That's ~0.15€ for one ride.. !!

The most useful minibus is #1 with circular route between Kutaisi center and Kutaisi 1 train station, Kutaisi 2 train and main bus station.

Where's the fun in that? Georgian inner city marshrutkas have their route numbers but destinations are written in Georgian alphabet. Figuring out which bus you need can be part of an adventure.


What to do around Kutaisi?

People who stay in Kutaisi for two or more days, often plan one day for seeing attractions around Kutaisi. Among top sights always mentioned are Prometheus caves and Sataplia reserve. These two are on my to-do list still so let's start with ones I was satisfied with.


Visit Renegade Tea Estate

Are you aware that during Soviet times Georgia was a leading tea manufacturer? And nowadays there is a world class tea farm with several plantations and a tea factory in Kutaisi?

Visiting Renegade Tea Estate is one of the most interesting things to do around Kutaisi - that is, when you like tea.


Consider exploring Racha area north of Kutaisi

Racha area is still relatively undiscovered by travellers. Maybe over next ten years it will become as popular as mountainous Svaneti with top tourist attractions Mestia and Ushguli?

Currently this is authentic non-touristic Georgia where locals have time and interest for every traveler passing through. This is also most sparsely populated region in Georgia.

Larger cities in Racha are Ambrolauri and Oni. I flew on Georgian domestic flight from Natakhtari near Tbilisi to Ambrolauri and then took taxi to Kutaisi.


Prometheus caves

Caves with stalactites and stalagmites.

According to IUCN categorization, a national monument.


Sataplia Nature Reserve

Two words: dinosaur footprints.


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