Pancakes for breakfast in Kutaisi – Tea House Foe-Foe

Breakfasts in Kutaisi have exceeded all my expectations.

This post here is about pancakes and dolma. See another nearby suggestion for omelette.

Let's talk tea

As tea house, there are tens of international and a few local teas in the menu. Do you like tea? Then this is a place to go. Coffee there is very good too. In Georgia finding European coffee drinks can still be difficult but in Kutaisi they've got you covered.

And now to pancakes

Maybe pictures says it all? These with jam are ones of the best I've had. Ever.

I also wanted to try something else so went with dolma. That's grape leaves stuffed with all good things, and they served it with sour cream.

Really, can't recommend this place enough.

This was my second time there. Two days before I settled down in the same seat after free walking tour.

First impressions

Here are first impressions and interior photos. Pleasant retro vibe. Tall chairs. Chairs and tables were higher than normal so it as pleasure to work with a laptop. A few power sockets were around too.

This corner is to the right from entrance. Book shelves with some comfortable distance between tables create a sense of privacy and view to the street made things come alive even better.

View to entire tea house. Note high ceilings and a swing.


One of many street dogs in Georgia, hoping to make eye contact with someone. See what this means from Batumi's free walking tour post. They're chill.

First cup of tea there.

For last photo here's their sign in front of Tea House. What else? Service was relaxed but still attentive by Georgian standards. Prices? Very reasonable. Pancakes? Yes!!!


See location on Google Maps. They are in city center close to Tourism Information Center and easy to find.

They rank #12 for restaurants in Kutaisi on Tripadvisor.

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