Burger in Batumi and cats

As it was raining heavily I dashed to closest restaurant, "Sorry, Bebo" burger place. Was I the only visitor there? So it seemed. I put down by bag to chair other side of the table and hung jacket to dry on back of a chair.

Waitress stopped working with her notebooks and walked over, handed me a menu.

I ordered a "Drunk Reziko" and a green tea to warm up a bit. A bit later glass on house wine - red, sweet.

Burger had very good beef cutlet and bread buns with crisp edges. Felt good to warm up.

After finishing burger I was taking notes on the phone and saw something... moving towards my chair.

Looked like a house cat. It got up to nearby chair and looked at me. But there was someone else around.

Moved closer to the kitten who apparently had been out in the rain. Now she(?) was enjoying milk even more as I had enjoyed burger.

Then the kitten walked up to me and allowed phone very close.


She kept on looking at me and didn't let me get closer without a phone. Guess I would have to become a local there to get cat's trust.

Seeing that it had stopped raining, I left to see a sight Batumi is well known for, dancing fountains.

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