Which Tartu SPA hotel to choose?

Tartu offers several good spa hotels. So which one to choose?

V Spa & Conference Hotel

4 star V spa & Conference Hotel offers large spa center and a large spring bath.

Over 2000 reviews on Booking especially mention family friendlyness, spacious rooms and many different saunas which make for excellent spa experience.

V Spa is located in center of Tartu, just some 50 meters from a busy main street.

A small negative side might be that there is no free parking around the hotel.

See availability and prices on Booking.com - https://hellonewplaces.com/booking-v-spa.


Lydia Hotel with spa in Tartu

Another 4 star hotel in Tartu, Lydia, is in at a first glance a very modern building near Tartu University and less than a 10 minute walk from bus station.

Actually the hotel is composed of two parts, modern part that really stands out among buildings next to it, and an historic part.

In the evenings quiet spa is meant for adults only.

See availability and prices on Booking.com - https://hellonewplaces.com/booking-lydia-hotel.


Hotel Tartu with sauna center

This hotel with spacious sauna center is located across the street from bus station.

Three different roomy saunas and two hot tubs help to relax after a long day in Tartu.

Perhaps this is the best spa hotel in Tartu, when looking for a quiet and small spa instead of a large one with 50+ people around?

As of July 2020, sauna center is open but limited to 20 people at a time.

See availability and prices on Booking.com - https://hellonewplaces.com/booking-hotel-tartu.


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