Mustjõe bird watching tower

What to do in western part of Tallinn?

After shopping at Rocca al Mare Shopping Centre or visiting Tallinn Zoo or visiting Open Air Museum you might want to enjoy some peace and possibly a sunset from an advantageous viewing point.

Then visiting Mustjõe bird observation tower is a good option.

On Google maps it's named as Stroomi Ranna Vaatetorn.

I ended up there after one long evening walk which started from Mustamäe through Õismäe and then to Hipodroomi. Weather was perfect for photos so... here's the post.

Where is it?

Walking path which connects Rocca al Mare to Stroomi Beach is easily accessible behind Rocca al Mare shopping center. Just walk towards the sea and turn right.

After about a kilometer or about 10 minutes you're there.


View to Tallinn Bay

Just minutes after Rocca al Mare Shopping Center view to the bay and reeds offers a peaceful setting when coming from somewhat crowded Shopping Center.

Path just gets nicer from there. It follows the seaside and attracts birds and even animals. People stick to the path so wildlife moves around in reeds and bushes. Spotting a deer or rabbit there is not a rare sight.

Vital green area

Did you know that this area has been and is important for wildlife passing through the city?

Even as a local I was not aware of that until being there.

There's a lot to read on the information board by the tower. It's useful even if you're not a bird watcher to came to use the tower solely for its intended purpose with binoculars.

The views

To the left, Rocca al Mare. AUDI building is instantly recognizeable from distance.

View ahead is to Tallinn bay - and  straight into the sunset.

Where to go next?

The tower is along the route to Stroomi beach so it can be a plan to hike a kilometer there and another one or two kilometers along the beach until you find a spot you like. Maybe even continue walking until Kopli?

Or maybe you're feeling hungry?

In that case a good selection of restaurants is to head back to Rocca al Mare and that's the most convenient option.

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