Hotels near Tallinn Airport

Which hotels are closest to Tallinn Airport? Just one and it's a few minutes from the airport.

As Tallinn Airport is just over 3 kilometers or 3 miles from city center, I have listed more hotel suggestions below.

In Tallinn it may be a good idea to choose a hotel between city center and Airport. That way getting to both is quick and you can see the city even in a few hours.


Best hotels close to Tallinn Airport

The list starts with the closest one and ends with ones in city center.

From the center it still takes just 20 minutes by tram to get to the airport. Or less than 10 minutes by taxi - excluding rush hours.

Ülemiste hotel is the closest to Tallinn Airport

This hotel is the closest one to the Tallinn Airport.

It is also only hotel that can be considered to be located in the airport. It's closer to Tallinn Airport than different terminals are to each other in major airports.

How long does it take to get there? Walking between the airport and hotel takes 4 minutes. Make that 5 minutes when you're walking slowly.

This is the place to spend night when you arrive late or have a flight early. An enormous Ülemiste shopping center is also by the hotel.

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Hotel Ibis near Bus Station

What if you'd like to stay closer to the city? Then these areas are next best options.

  • Tartu Maantee area
  • Tallinn bus station area
  • Southern side of city center

Tallinn bus station is located 2 kilometers from Tallinn Airport. Walk towards city center by busy road is not too inspiring.

Hotel Ibis near bus station is a good second choice. It's a new building and it's located by a bit quieter road than busy Tartu Maantee.

However it's a 7-8 minute walk away from closest bus/tram stop with direct connection to the Airport.

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Guest Apartments near Tartu Maantee

Area from bus station to the city center along Tartu Maantee has excellent public transportation connections with airport, bus station and city center. Walking to city center and Old Town takes under 20 minutes.

Tip: Some guest apartments in older buildings which have windows towards Tartu Maantee, will have moderate traffic noise during rush hours.

These guest apartments in the area have excellent reviews.


Wiiralt Studios

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Atica Penthouse

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NordStar Apartments

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Photo of Tartu Maantee after evening rush hour.


Swissotel Tallinn

Swissotel Tallinn is a 5 star hotel that's located on the Airport side of city center.

Did you know that this is one of the tallest hotels in The Baltics?

When you'd like a room with The View over Tallinn then this is the best hotel from the list.

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Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia

This tall building with 26 floors is a prime example of modernist Soviet architecture. But don't let the looks deceive you, interior is modern.

When you'd like to stay reasonably close to the airport and in a building with Soviet history then this is it.

Did you know that Hotel Olümpia was built for 1980 Summer Olympics? For the first and so far only Summer Olympic Games held in Eastern Europe.

The hotel is a 2 minute walk from Stockmann on Tartu Maantee.

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Walking to Tallinn Old Town from Hotel Olümpia takes about 10 minutes.

These are the closest hotels to Tallinn Airport.

A taxi ride to the Airport should not take over 9 minutes (double that for rush hour) from any of them.

Tip: Want to save money from taxis? Order a taxi off an app like Bolt in Tallinn.

Short ride to the Airport or city center costs just 4 - 6€.

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